Bucking the Status Quo

I have never been a conformist and have beat my head against many bureaucratic brick walls. I’m pretty sure there were plenty of teachers, administrators, professors, and supervisors who were happy to see the door hit me on the way out. But I have always believed that institutions should be grafting in divergent thinkers, not […]

Visiting Dreams

This is the season for resolutions, we are seeking to fix flaws and change our lives. It is our human qualities that make us want to compare, judge, control, and aspire. We can be hard on ourselves, and on our children. We tell them from an early age what is expected of them, what we […]

Life Advice

Advice for 2e Adults Many 2e adults are still struggling to figure themselves out. They often have depressing memories of how confused, frustrated, and ostracized they felt as children. These memories may continue to impact their lives as they mature. The adult world can be just as harsh and judgmental as it was when they […]

School Trauma?

Yesterday I was asked by a parent of a twice-exceptional (2e) child if there was such a thing as school trauma. This was from a parent whose child reported that every day at school was a “living hell.” Even if a 2e child manages to escape bullying, which is highly unlikely, as 2e children are […]

Motivating Students

One of the central tenets of teaching is motivating students to learn; but our success rate has not been very good. This seems odd, considering that research has shown nearly all children are born with an innate desire to learn. Babies do not have to be bribed to learn to speak or walk. A preschooler […]